Today we are thrilled to announce vivenu's partnership with XTIXS, a ground-breaking service provider leveraging best-in-class ticketing, data, and blockchain technology solutions to power live entertainment events across the globe.

As part of the six-year partnership, XTIXS will use vivenu’s cutting-edge ticketing technology and platform to deliver superior ticketing experiences for their growing customer base in the live entertainment, festival, and sports verticals. XTIXS’ customers include heavyweights such as XOLOS Football Club (Mexico), Caprices Festival (Switzerland), and Secret Solstice (ISK) and many more.

For vivenu this partnership means a further expansion in its presence in the live entertainment and festival space and another step in its quest to provide global partners, and organizers the best tools to deliver memorable digital ticketing experiences for their fans.

We could not be more excited to partner with XTIXS and their CEO Wade Cawood. Both embody values we at vivenu cherish: a relentless drive for excellence and unparalleled customer service, a proudly international ambition, and an infectious passion for the live entertainment space.

Since its inception in 2017, XTIXS has been taking an uncompromising approach to the quality of the technology the company relies on to service their roster of international customers in the international live entertainment industry.

In our conversations with the XTIXS team, it quickly became clear that we shared a passion for delivering best-in-class outcomes for our customers. With their international outlook and decades of experience in serving a great variety of live entertainment organizers, the XTIXS team consists of true industry veterans. As such, they knew exactly what they were looking for when they wanted to add a best-in-class ticketing solution to their offering: technological excellence, steadfast reliability, and a clear and measurable advantage over competing solutions.

Having satisfied these exacting requirements, vivenu is proud to now stand alongside XTIXS’ other partners, such as innovative solutions enabling sports clubs to get granular insights into their fan engagement and a pioneering blockchain application securing tickets throughout the life cycle.

XTIXS CEO Wade Cawood says: “Ticketing is the entry point for fans to enjoy remarkable lifetime memories and experiences. We dedicate our lives to our passion, being extremely thankful for that. We are persistent and focussed on growth for our clients and fans. It is not only what we do, it’s how we do it. When meeting with Simon and the vivenu team the synchronicity was obvious and immediate. With this partnership, XTIXS continues to evolve its future-proof ticketing platform with a collaborative mindset, appreciating the nuances of being an extension of your brand when engaging with your fans. A flexible and proactive attitude makes XTIXS feel like your partner rather than a service provider. I strongly believe this is the start of a very beautiful relationship between two likeminded businesses with clear and mutual goals.”

vivenu Co-Founder Simon Weber adds: “Right from our first meeting with Wade and the XTIXS team we knew this was a match made in heaven. We share the strong belief that organizers around the globe deserve a best-in-class solution, instead of having to compromise. We are thrilled to be the cornerstone of the XTIXS solution and supercharge XTIXS with our leading ticketing technology. When partnering up we look at the bigger picture, not solely the company and its vision, but also at the personal values of the people behind the business and what drives them. XTIXS is a strong partner that shares vivenu's core values: Be relentless, Deliver the 100x, Get it done. We could not be more excited to empower limitless ticketing worldwide together with XTIXS.”

About vivenu

vivenu is the future-proof solution for ticket sellers to manage, market, and analyze ticket sales efficiently. Created to support hundreds of thousands of event organizers and venues around the globe that until now had to work with clunky systems that haven’t kept up with their needs and expectations, vivenu is the first solution for the digital era that enables effortless and self-empowered ticketing. The company is headquartered in Düsseldorf and supports hundreds of organizers worldwide with its powerful, ready-to-use platform and a set of powerful APIs and SDKs. vivenu is backed by leading tech investors such as Balderton Capital, Activant, Redalpine, and the fund associated with the owners of the San Francisco 49ers who invested more than $65 million in the company to date.


XTIXS provides an enhanced and alternative method to a ticketing industry often profiting from lack of transparency. Our platform is an all-in-one solution for creating events, buying and selling tickets, live streaming and more. We exist to add value to both clients and customers alike. We provide transparent and honest solutions. We embrace the different cultures, genres and the environments of the people we work with. We’re driven by excellence and inclusion. Our happiness is providing maximum engagement and cutting edge technologies to the entertainment industry. We forge solutions, for fans and events organizers, to enhance experiences both in the physical and digital worlds. XTIXS has multiple integrations available to ensure the relationship between fan and business is succinct. We are agnostic & collaborative by choice