Bonn, North Rhine-Westfalia (Germany), August 23rd 2020

Live entertainment events during Covid-19 times? Unimaginable right? The organizers of the Green Juice Festival and the Panama Festival partnered up to make this happen under the Bonnlive brand. Together, they created Germany’s largest outdoor event for almost 2,000 people being able to attend simultaneously. In order to prevent that attendees get in each other's ways, a one-way street regulation applies on all paths. By dividing the location ground into different sections, a beer garden atmosphere is created. Visitors can sit on beer benches, couches or separate meadow plots as picnic areas.

Bonnlive is the pioneer for Covid-19 compliant and safe events for all attendees, with the first show on Juli 17th. The nations top artists like iconic singer/songwriter NENA, top-tier DJ Felix Jaehn and local heroes like Brings are thrilled to finally take the stage again after the long drought. Some artists could not hold back their tears, as the clapping hands of the crowd erupted in thunderous applause. Over 70 amazing concerts and shows in Bonn, Germany’s former capital, brought joy to everyone involved.

vivenu’s real time seating ensured an intuitive booking process even with complex seating charts. Bonnlive divided the festival ground into different parcels each having capacity for a certain number of people, with the largest parcel providing capacity for 10 different attendees. To ensure that all ticket buyers find their designated seats in Germany’s largest outdoor venue during Covid-19 times, vivenu implemented an exact copy of the location map within the ticket shop. Its intuitive seatmap designer enables unlimited flexibility even for such sophisticated use cases.

vivenu, as the official partner to both the Green Juice and the Panama Festival, as well as cultural venues in Bonn looks forward to many more amazing events in the city in 2021.