As the first ticketing solution offering truly unrestrained access to granular customer and transaction data, vivenu is empowering organizers around the world to build digital ticketing experiences that woo customers with unparalleled individualization and customizability.  

This also means that a lot of the data on the vivenu platform is quite sensitive – and must under no circumstances fall into the wrong hands.   Consequently, achieving the highest standards for data security and impenetrability is core to the vivenu platform. Our customers are trusting us to keep it safe and away from unauthorized access at all times.  

Today, we are highlighting three of the many more measures we are taking to make sure all data on the vivenu platform stays secure at all times.  

GDPR-compliant data capture

The European Union’s data protection rules are among the strictest in the world, putting narrow limits on what kind of data companies operating on the internet can gather, store, and, more importantly, distribute to other companies. As a EU-born company, this approach to data and privacy is an essential part of our self-understanding. We are proudly compliant with all applicable GDPR stipulations, and empower organizers on the vivenu platform with the ability to anonymize data at a ticket buyer’s request with a single click.

Ultra-secure servers  

All data on the vivenu platform is stored and processed on server networks owned and operated by some of the leading server providers in the world. With the reliability and hundreds of millions in annual server security spend behind these products, data transmitted on and via the vivenu platform is as secure as can be. It also means that all data on vivenu is always available, be it for deeper analysis, or custom exports.

Highest traffic encryption standards and continuous audits

In addition to these measures, we are deploying a variety of always-on tools and processes to ensure data security in all scenarios.

An article about data protection is definitely not the right place to get into the specifics of these processes – but our traffic encryption standard is a good example of just how serious we are about the topic. With cutting-edge technology, we are protecting every byte of information that comes onto and leaves the vivenu platform.  

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