Ulm, Baden-Württemberg (Germany), July 27th, 2020

With more than 4,000 season tickets, ratiopharm ulm has one of the most loyal fan bases. In order to unlock its true potential, the club aims to create a whole new level of digital sports experience. To engage its fans digitally, the club introduces a single sign-on solution for merchandise and tickets sales, an integrated secondary market and an option for ticket owners to share their tickets and fan experiences.

ratiopharm ulm's one fan world enables huge benefits:

Comfortable single sign-on

Easier and quicker ways for customers to sign-on at different solutions (merchandise, ticketing, fan application etc.) boost conversion rates and enhance customer experiences.

Rewarding secondary market and ticket sharing

With new ways to sell or share tickets, ticket buyers enjoy greater flexibility in case they cannot attend the event. An integrated secondary market controlled by the ticket sellers, unlocks gigantic revenue streams and enables to collect valuable data. Organizers now profit from every transaction and all ticket shares between friends and families. vivenu's secondary market also enables sharing and selling of season tickets for single games thereby unlocking huge revenue potentials for organizers and allowing planning with greater certainty.

Unique fan experiences

Bundling and unifying the digital experiences for fans increases engagement and provides sellers with astonishing new ways to connect with their fans.

Unrivaled data & insights

A one fan world enabled by a unified platform allows to collect comprehensive data reports and provides fruitful data-based recommendations. With an integrated approach ticket sellers can now understand customer journeys online from end-to-end - thereby finally eliminating siloed worlds.

Precise targeting

Automatic tagging, clustering and integrated analytic systems, enable profound targeting and amplify buyer engagement. This enables precisely targeted campaigns, exclusive pre-sales and enhanced pricing mechanisms, providing rathiopharm ulm full control of their marketing campaigns.

Stronger brand identity

A unified, customizable and fully integrated customer experience enhances recognition and brand awareness - fostering nurtured client relationships.

ratiopharm ulm's online ticketing world fostering fan engagement

vivenu supports rathiopharm ulm on its mission to become a leader in digital fan experience starting from season 2021 with its unified platform to sell tickets and merchandise online and via POS.

“With Ulm we are expanding our already strong position in professional basketball while also gaining a very engaged and tech-savvy partner. We are very excited about the partnership and the upcoming years” reports Simon Weber, Customer Success @vivenu.