Düsseldorf, Northrhine-Westfalia (Germany), February 22nd, 2021

They are finally out! After a long creation process, vivenu finally reveals its Core Company Values. Being a curious and diverse team vivenu has defined four core values that perfectly reflect the DNA of the company, its identity and its corporate culture.

vivenu rocks in one of the most challenging industries. Ticket sellers worldwide are stuck with solutions from the 90s and that still feel like we are in the 90s. Organizers and venues alike still struggle with issues that previous ticketing solutions could not solve. It's vivenu's mission to empower ticket sellers around the globe with a whole new way of selling tickets. The Core Company Values are the underlying model of what the product was created for. They summarize how we deal with partners, customers and describes how we work together on a daily basis.  

"Our Values provide an important guidance on decision making and support every employer to work independently.", says Paula Bechelli, Head of Talent Acquisiton at vivenu. The importance for a collaborative and open way of working was emphasized as the best way to empower ticket sellers worldwide with their life-changing solution.

"We are a company comprised of talent from around the world acknowledging that changing an entire industry for good is a team effort of diverse, open-minded co-challengers with open eyes and hearts.", says Simon Hennes, CEO of vivenu. "We are driven by challenges, aiming to free sophisticated ticket sellers around the world and unleash their full potential. Humbly we acknowledge that disrupting this broken industry is not an easy mission - which is why we strive to learn and grow on a daily basis, always challenging the status quo and one another. We are convinced that the current set of values  perfectly reflects our way of thinking and is something that we adhere to on a daily basis - whether it's in recruiting, speaking with prospective or existing customers or developing our product further."

We set and exceed the most ambitious goals. We believe product excellence comes from tenacious curiosity. We strive for excellence, think rigorously, and have an insatiable need to learn and grow.

We are committed to deliver long-term successes and treat customer data with highest respect. We don't partner when we feel vivenu is not the customer's golden lottery ticket. We engage our customers like our lives depend on it and want our product to feel indispensable.

We innovate and ideate together to shape the future of ticketing. We listen to others, rethink the status quo and discover better approaches. We count on each other and deliver on our promises.

We believe in diverse and passionate teams. We are focused on our global mission to create unique experiences worldwide. We inspire others with our thirst for excellence.