Passionate about sales and equipped with a diverse range of experience, Rick Scott understands the importance of innovation in the product you’re selling. In a high-growth startup with an amazing product-market fit, being among the first in sales with vivenu means you’ll contribute significantly to our success as a team. We sat down with Rick, who’s one of our U.S.-based sales reps, to learn about his experience working for vivenu.

How did you get started in sales?

I actually went to school for architecture, but I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit. I tried real estate for a while but what really got me into B2B sales was starting a role as an outbound rep with a software company. This is back when old-school software came on a disc, but I still managed to make it work! Later on, when I started doing sales for a mass immunization company, I became their top sales rep. They moved me out to California and I ran sales for the whole state. I’ve lived all over the country for my career, and at this point, I’ve been in sales for almost 12 years.

With 12 years of successful sales experience, why did you choose vivenu?

I’m big on innovation. I can sell anything anywhere, but what I’m looking for in a company is innovation, flexibility, and the space to focus on developing my sales skills. In previous positions, I felt like I was doing way too much and wearing every hat. Being in sales is hard enough without all the extra tasks that some companies pile on you. I wanted to find a place where I could do what I’m best at —  building relationships and selling an amazing product.

What brought me to vivenu was the innovation of the system, the flexibility of the job, and getting to personally talk to the founders. It’s a revolutionary product that they’re bringing to the market, and I’ve never been in a business with an opportunity like this before. I really think it’s changing the industry. With sales especially, I’m used to the whole suit&tie, sitting in the office with a bunch of old guys. So three young entrepreneurs building something unique that provides actual value was pretty cool to me. It’s nice to sell something that I actually believe in.

The relationship I’ve built with the founders, especially Simon Weber, has been incredible. Simon is such an optimistic person and I love that about him — he’s really the greatest guy to talk to. He’s built such a flexible and supportive team.

What do you love most about working for vivenu? What’s your team like?

The sales team is awesome. Everyone’s accessible and super easy to connect with, and I like how we’re all constantly learning new things. Everyone on the team has different sales experiences, and they’re open to sharing their insights with you. They’re all very humble, so it’s easy to learn from each other and continue to grow. Simon Weber has made it easy for us to be transparent with each other, too.

Collaborating on selling the most innovative product in the ticketing space has been a great experience because we all really believe in what the founders have created here. It’s a lot easier to sell something that you can truly get behind.

Is there anything you’re currently working on that you’re excited about?

I was the first sales rep here to beat Ticketmaster in a deal, so I’m hoping to be the first to beat a few other competitors, too. Honestly being a part of selling such a revolutionary system has been awesome.

What advice would you give to a sales professional considering joining vivenu?

I would say be flexible. Even though we have a great system, we’re still in the building stage as far as global operations go. We have to be open-minded and flexible about how things are going to happen and be willing to learn as we go. The founders are incredibly ambitious, but make it easy to be relaxed at the same time. Being able to keep up with their ambition to go after established big players is an important one, for sure. But changes are constantly happening, so it’s important to go with the flow and tackle any challenge that comes your way. After all, that’s what challenging an entire industry is all about!