Long before we won legendary German soccer club Schalke 04 as a customer, we had noticed just how broken ticketing was for many of them. Regardless of the sport, in almost every conversation, we heard the same familiar story:

How they couldn't do anything without their account manager.

How they were hindered by inflexible inventory management functionalities.

How they were struggling to integrate their ticketing with other areas of their business like hospitality, merchandise, and marketing.

How they were forced to work around their ticketing solution and its many shortcomings that were often lamented, but never fixed.

At the same time, management usually understood what a good ticketing solution could do for their business – and their brand.

It had not been lost on them that there was tremendous potential in marrying data on their fans and their preferences with a solution that acts as an enabler of their existing technology stack and not as yet another monetized silo.

In other words, their ideal solution would be one that:

Makes them completely independent from account managers and recurring service fees – but is always at the ready to help if needed.

Turns tedious processes like inventory management into intuitive workflows that accelerate ticketing managers, not slow them down.

Integrates with their existing technology solutions across functions, from access control and hospitality to CRM and campaigning.

Empowers them to get more work done, faster, with continuous development of new features that make their lives easier.

This solution, it turns out, didn't exist before vivenu. Well, now it does – and judging from the amount of inbound interest we get from professional sports clubs around the world, good news travels fast.

If you want to find out how vivenu can help your sports club make the most out of your ticketing, have a chat with one of our experts. We would be delighted to serve you.