Most of the customers we onboard every week have been around for decades – and have searched for and tried a lot of ticketing solutions during that time. With their requirements changing rapidly with the move to fully-digital guest experiences and growing demands on their backends, we have found that four reasons for making the switch to vivenu come up consistently.

Huge Pain

Millions of event organizers around the world know the pain points from bitter experience. There is the clunky, inflexible backend. There is the hold music while they wait for their customer success representative to find a solution that becomes the soundtrack to their despair after hours of it. There are the hundreds of clicks that they can perform from muscle memory – just because there is no automation feature for repeated tasks. Spending an average 15% of their revenue to ticket brokers that promise to market their events without ever getting a breakdown of the effectiveness is just the icing on the cake. For decades, the market for ticketing solutions was left untouched by new entrants and let legacy providers take advantage to extract increasingly larger profits.

Leading Technology

The vivenu platform was architected from the beginning with an API-first approach. As a result, the product delivers unparalleled performance, allows faster deployment and robustness, and, most importantly, allows our customers to leverage the power of the platform to build exactly the solution that works just for them. With the vivenu API, customers can also build a fully headless solution that integrates well with their existing systems landscape – empowering them to mix and match from vivenu's powerful modules to create a solution that is true to their brand down to the last detail.

A UI designed for users

At vivenu, customer-centric thinking starts with the way users interact with our platform. We assume that the people building event experiences on our platform are smart, capable, and that our user interface should make their lives easier, not harder. The result of this thinking is a user experience that makes it a delight to execute – and more importantly: automate – workflows, create even the most complex seat maps and pricing contingents, and optimize the guest experience. vivenu is designed to feel like any other consumer software product people use everyday. There is simply no reason why a software should be ugly simply because people use it in a professional context.

World-class customer success

We provide ticketing solutions to some of the most sophisticated event organizers in the world. To service these complex ticketing operations, we knew from the start it was essential to invest into a world-class customer service. We have taken great care in building out a customer success team that delivers for our clients no matter the task at hand – and intensifies its support offers when our customers ramp up to important events like festivals and home games. With a 98.3% customer satisfaction with our support, we are already quite good at it – but putting customer success at the center of our company and dedicating significant resources to it ensures that we will be closer to perfect satisfaction in the near future.